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Empowering Birth

Childbirth can be one of life's most empowering experiences.

Couples simply need the practical skills and confidence to do it their way.

But somewhere along the way many men and women learn to connect childbirth with fear, anxiety and trauma.


It doesn't have to be like that!


Expectant mothers who learn skills to relax and trust the process of childbirth are more likely to feel calm and confident, and are less likely to need intervention. 


Calmbirth is an investment in your pregnancy and childbearing journey...

One that will allow preparation for ALL possibilities so that regardless of the mode of birth, parents can walk away from their experience with a sense of accomplishment and feeling that it was the best possible experience.


Your baby only takes their first breath once...

Make their entrance into this world memorable for all the right reasons.

A Partner's Perspective:


“Calmbirth was a very important part of our pregnancy journey. I wanted to be the best support I could be during labour and Calmbirth opened my eyes to so much more than I thought possible. It taught me a new understanding of what to expect during labour. It gave me the confidence to take control of our ‘space’ in the birth suite and it helped shape the birth of my son as becoming the greatest day of my life. GC Calmbirth is a fantastic antenatal experience and Eslana is an amazing teacher. I’ve never met a person more passionate about her role in life. Thank you so much Calmbirth & Eslana.”

- Andrew