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I am a mother of four, RN and Midwife with over 13yrs clinical experience, the last 8 of which has been spent in Special Care Nursery.

I  thoroughly enjoy working with women and their partners to create better birth experiences. After two traumatic, fear-filled births I came to the conclusion that (as my body was in fact made to birth babies) surely it did not have to be like this!? That was when a friend recommended Calmbirth. And what a difference it made!

My only regret is that I did not have the knowledge and skills I now have, back when I birthed my first two.

However, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I have experienced the very real effect that fear can have on pregnancy and childbirth. However, I have also experienced firsthand, the magic of Calmbirth and what it means to work with your body during labour, rather than against it. And although I did not have my 'dream birth/labour' (a water birth), I was able to see how having the skills necessary to remain in control and prepared for all possibilities meant that I was confident and able to experience a calm, empowered birth.

My aim is to assist as many as possible in realising their desire to achieve a memorable, calm and empowered pregnancy, labour and birth. And give them the skills and insights necessary to approach parenthood in a peaceful, self-assured manner.


                            Eslana Lower

                            Calmbirth Educator

                            GC Calmbirth