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Calmbirth is a childbirth education program that was developed to re-educate and re-empower women and their partners about the natural process of labour and birth. Having an understanding of what is actually happening throughout your body assists you preparing to work with the process of labour rather than against it. We also look at how your beliefs, perceptions and fears (often sub-consciously) contribute to creating the very birth experience you are aiming to avoid.


The knowledge and skills imparted at Calmbirth classes have empowered many couples to embrace and surrender to their approaching birth experience with a new understanding, increased confidence and a fearlessness.


Calmbirth has been developed using evidence-based research and drawing upon the works of leading pioneers in the areas of obstetrics, midwifery, psychology, cellular biology and neuroscience. 


Calmbirth is not about 'how' women give birth, but rather about creating positive birth experiences. It is not for us to know what is the 'best birth' for you. Our aim is merely to provide you (and your partner) with the preparation and skills necessary that you might feel confident and capable of creating your own 'best birth'... whatever that may be.



Calmbirth is a contribution to your childbearing journey aimed at preparing you (and your partner) for childbirth and beyond. With knowledge comes confidence. It is my hope that in gaining a better understanding of what you may expect to experience during pregnancy, birth and beyond, along with the skills necessary to confidently approach each... you will feel empowered to create your best birth possible.


Eslana Lower

Calmbirth Educator

GC Calmbirth

The Connection: An insight into how the mind affects our biology, and how this can be utilised to our advantage (particularly in labour & birth)

Peter Jackson: An interview with the founder of Calmbirth.